Why Country-Mouse?

What Makes a Country-Mouse Ragdoll Exceptional?

We offer these 7 Guarantees at Daisy-Hill

1. Your Baby will not leave without having been seen by a Licensed Veterinarian.
2. Your Baby will have been Wormed at the Appropriate Times, and Documentation will be Provided
3. Your Baby will be Vaccinated against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus, Feline Panleukopenia, and a Rabies vaccine.
4. Your Baby will be Spayed or Neutered before leaving to Go Home at 12 Weeks.
5. Your Baby will be Microchipped by our Veterinarian and Registered with AKC Reunite at No Extra Cost to You. We feel this is Very Important, Documentation Provided
6. Your Baby will leave with Copies of their Parent’s Complete TICA Pedigrees and All Inherited Disease Test Results.
7. Your Baby will be Pre-Loved and Well Socialized and go Home at 12 weeks of age.
8. Pictures and Videos will be posted Weekly so You May Watch Your Baby Grow!!

Cartoon dachshund with daisy flowers.
Cartoon dachshund with daisy flowers.

Exceptional Care & Ethical Breeding Standards

Comfort Care

Our Cats & Kittens spend their days in a specially designed, temperature-controlled indoor/outdoor “Cat Room”.

Health Screening

All of our adults receive Bravecto or Revolution Plus year-round.​

We also test for: HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), MPSVI (Mucopolysaccharidosis), and PKD1 (Polycystic Kidney Disease)

It is our goal here at Country-Mouse to never introduce any of these devastating disorders into our lines. ​

Spay & Neuter

We strongly believe in the TICA’s position of spaying or neutering companion animals to reduce the numbers ending up in shelters as unwanted pets. Our kittens are already sold Spayed/Neutered. At any age, our kittens are Welcome to Come Back to Country-Mouse for any reason.

Prestigious Lineages

We also have worked very hard to obtain some of the best lineages of Ragdolls available, nationally and internationally. We are very grateful to all the breeders who have entrusted us with all their hard work. We don’t claim that our kittens will show potential or have superpowers because of their ancestors’ championship lineage, but what we do guarantee is this: we have done our homework with lineage, genetics, and temperament to produce for you the most wonderful baby Ragdoll ever!​​

Ethical Breeding

We abide by the Code of Ethics for The International Cat Association. All litters are bred to produce a better Ragdoll, not just to create more kittens. Our emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Here at Country-Mouse, there is a paper trail provided for every cat and kitten, and we never breed an unregistered cat, as background or pedigree can’t be proven without registration. We do not sell our precious babies to pet stores, pet brokers, or anyone else with resale in mind. We can only rest easily when assured that our kittens are going to wonderful homes.