Welcoming a Ragdoll Kitten Home

Much of the following information was obtained and shared by Ragdoll Cats World

Bringing a Ragdoll kitten home can be intimidating for both the new kitten and the new Ragdoll owner. Here are some practical tips to help ensure a smooth transition for all.

This is as exciting for you as it is for your floppy bundle of love. However, it is important to remember that this is also a very intimidating time for your kitten.

They are leaving their siblings and the familiar environment of their foster home.
They are potentially going on a long car ride or even a flight to their new home.

The smells, sights, sounds, and stress can be very overwhelming. That’s why you want to give them a warm, inviting, and Ragdoll-friendly place to come home to.

The Name of the Game is to Keep Your New Baby Ragdoll Happy

Setting up a safe spare room for your cat is crucial to ensuring a happy transition. If you don’t have a spare room, your bedroom with the door closed from traffic and noise will work.

No matter what room you choose, when setting up a space for your new floppy cat, make sure the room follows the five FLOPS criteria:

1. Fun
2. Loving
3. Open
4. Pleasant
5. Safe

Cartoon dachshund with daisy flowers.


The space you choose should have plenty of things to keep your kitten engaged.
This is especially important if you need to leave them alone for longer periods (such as when you go to work).
A bored cat is often a destructive cat. Set up the space with plenty of kitten-friendly toys.


Introduce your new Ragdoll kitten to a cozy room in your home’s heart. Regular interaction, playtime, and plenty of cuddles are key as they acclimate. Ragdolls thrive on attention and can become despondent without it. Enhance their space with a cat tree for safe, elevated exploration, and keep the room clutter-free to avoid overwhelming them. Allow them to stay there until they confidently embrace their new surroundings.


Some kittens like music, some will spend hours looking out a window, and some want a nice, fuzzy bed.
Dozens of little touches make the space as pleasant as possible when bringing a Ragdoll kitten home.
Provide the necessities in the kitten’s room. Use as much of the same equipment and food the breeder was using to ease their anxiety.
Create a feeding station with food (hopefully the same food he/she was eating at the breeder’s), plenty of water, a nice clean litter box with the same litter as the breeder, a scratching post, a cage/carrier with a familiar blanket, a few toys, an extra big cushy blanket, or pillow for lounging.
Creating a “familiar” space helps the kitten feel comfortable and happy.


Create a welcoming environment for your new Ragdoll kitten by embracing openness when you bring them home. Gently introduce yourself, letting them explore you at their own pace. Speak softly, offering comforting words and gentle strokes to build trust. An open posture and calm demeanor can significantly ease their transition, making them feel secure and loved in their new surroundings. This initial bonding time is crucial for establishing a lasting connection, ensuring your kitten feels safe and cherished as they begins their new life with you.


Set up a secure, tranquil space for your new Ragdoll kitten, without intimidating elements like loud appliances. Consider it akin to childproofing, focusing on removing hazards and swallowable objects. Quietly establish a ‘kitten-safe’ haven and adhere to essential safety measures to facilitate a smooth transition for your feline friend, promoting a serene adjustment to their new home.

Kitten Naughtiness!!

If you think kids can be mischievous then prepare yourself for the never-ending curiosity of a kitten.

Cartoon dachshund with daisy flowers.

Remove Your Valuables

Put that Ming Vase away. To your newly adopted Ragdoll kitten, it’s just fun to scoot off the counter.

Check Your Plants

Many plants are toxic to cats, so to be sure, put them up where the little one can’t access them.

Cover Wall Sockets & Electrical Cords

You can get cheapo plastic plugs to install in the outlets. Electrical cords are also attractive to cats to play with. You can’t unplug everything, of course. Make sure the cords aren’t frayed and are sturdy. You can also consider tying up excess cords so the babes aren’t tempted to play with them. Plastic or cloth tube-like coverings can be installed to cover the cords. Kittens risk electrocution if they chew through the wrong cord, so buying a cheap cover and taking the time to wrap and hide cords is worth the trouble.

Put Away Household Cleaning Supplies

While hiding bottles of chemicals seems intuitive, even natural green products aren’t safe for cats. Also, keep in mind any pills and medications, house decor, money, small office items such as elastics, staples, paper clips, or bathroom counter supplies


Windows MUST have screens. Again, windows MUST have screens… It’s a sick feeling not being able to find your indoor cat indoors!!! When you bring home a Ragdoll kitten, making a nice space by the window for them is encouraged. However, don’t underestimate how smart your cat is. Some cats can teach themselves how to open windows. So, keep your windows closed & locked or have screens.

Doors & Cabinets

Close doors to control where the kitty roams. If you have a smarty pants Ragdoll kitten, you may need to place gadgets on cabinet doors to keep them out.
It only takes one incident of carelessness on our part to cause a very dangerous situation for a cat. For example, if your newly adopted Ragdoll finds a sewing needle and thread on the floor, plays with it, and tries to eat it, this could be a very serious issue.
It is important to have plenty of toys for them to play with. This keeps them distracted away from human things.
Luckily, over time, kittens mature and aren’t interested in exploring every little thing in the house.