Are Ragdolls Indoor Cats?

Much of the following information was obtained and shared by Ragdoll Cats World

Ragdolls are a breed of cat known for being laid back, docile, and easy-going. They are sometimes called “puppy cats” because they seem to have much in common with dogs.

Ragdoll cat owners will say, unlike your typical domestic cat, that Ragdolls are more suited to being indoor animals than outdoor ones. In fact, many breeders specify in their purchase agreement that when you purchase your kitten, it is to be raised as an indoor cat only. This is for their safety since they are very trusting cats.

Reasons Ragdolls Should be an Indoor Cat:

  • RThe Ragdoll Cat breed is known for its laid-back, docile nature, making them more vulnerable to the attacks of other animals. They may go up to another cat or even a dog, trying to be friendly, and get attacked without defending themselves.
  • RRagdolls are loving cats that are known for their friendly personalities. Unfortunately, the cat’s trusting nature can lead to abuse when they are approached by cruel individuals.
  • RRagdoll cats, costing anywhere from $900-$4000, are expensive. Couple that with their striking looks and piercing blue eyes make them a target of being cat-napped by people with bad intentions.
  • RWhen it comes to understanding the rules of the road, Ragdolls are like children. They will quite happily sprawl out in the middle of the road, oblivious to any dangers.
  • RRagdoll cats are known for their soft, long fur. But this makes them vulnerable to collecting sticky buds, grass seeds, and other things that can cause their coat to matt and become dirty. One of the most hazardous for these cats is grass seeds which can embed themselves into the skin and may require surgery to remove.
Cartoon dachshund with daisy flowers.
Cartoon dachshund with daisy flowers.
So, Ragdolls are indoor cats by nature, but it’s worth noting that they might enjoy going outside occasionally! There are a few options: an outside pen or a window condo that will keep them entertained without worrying about them escaping or encountering other animals.