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Discover Purrfection – Maine’s Cherished Purebred Kittens

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Country-Mouse Ragdolls

We are a small breeder of Ragdoll Cats in Maine, New England, that endeavors to breed healthy, top-quality TICA Ragdoll Cats. We offer Kittens and occasionally Adult Cats for sale in Color Point, BiColor, and Mitted Patterns. Our Colors are Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream & Cinnamon.  

We take great pride in our breeding program and have 25 years of experience in breeding. We have worked very hard to obtain some of the best lineages, Nationally and Internationally, of Ragdolls available. We utilize our…..

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We don’t claim our Babies have Super Powers
We Do Guarantee that we will Produce for You…

The Most Wonderful Baby Ragdoll EVER!

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Passionate Commitment to Quality Ragdoll Care

We provide Excellent Veterinary Care to Produce Top Quality Ragdoll Babies with Exceptional Health, Temperament, Confirmation, and Good Looks. We are continually seeking ongoing resources and knowledge to help the breed improve. Breeding for us is a Passion 

We take bringing Life into this World Very Seriously.

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